History of KC&A

Young Kenny signaling the derrick operator to lift the load of granite at the family stoneyard - Circa 1947

The Castellucci family of Lettomanoppello, Abruzzo, Italy opened its first stone shop in 1828.  Today, the Castellucci name is the most respected name in the natural stone industry. Under the leadership of Kenneth A. Castellucci, the Rhode Island based company carries on the traditions of excellence in all things stone. 

With over fifty-seven years’ experience in the stone industry, Kenneth has brought to the world of architecture and construction both subtle refinements and revolutionary changes in the applications of natural stone.  Devotion to tradition, honor, and skilled craftsmanship are the cornerstones of the company’s approach to each and every project. We are proud to bring our energy, enthusiasm and love of the business to the projects entrusted to us. KC&A is the rare single-source contractor of natural stone.  We provide Architects and Construction Managers expert support from the initial stone selection through sampling, sourcing, budget pricing, fabrication and installation on every project. 

We are unbiased in the stone selection process and will provide our clients with the actual stone name given by its quarry.  This policy enables us to select from any quarry around the world in order to provide our clients with the right stone for their project.

There are nearly two hundred years combined stone experience among Kenneth, his executive staff and jobsite personnel.  Our installers are among the finest in the industry.

We are internationally recognized for our meticulous shop drawings created in-house by our own knowledgeable engineers and drafters.  We are truly “Maestros of Stereotomy”.

Stereotomy Definition:

The science or art of cutting solids into certain figures or sections, as arches and the like; especially the art of stonecutting